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  1. Happy Birthday Big_Pete!!!
  2. Cigar Game
  3. Identify
  4. "Little" project at work
  5. Mild / Medium cigars; state your favorites...
  6. How much stock do you really put into the CA reviews and top 25?
  7. First Arrival of the new Cigars!
  8. I got to interview Cynthia and Christina Fuente!!
  9. Beetles?
  10. im in north boston where to go for a go smoke
  11. My cigars are boring..did I ruin them?
  12. What Online Site Do You Purchase From?
  13. QA Mr. Patel, ever heard of it??? *sonofamotherlessgoat*
  14. Duck Dynasty Cigar
  15. Storing Cigars in Tower Humidor
  16. Anyone heard of Herrera Estili?
  17. I'm no expert but........
  18. WTF: I found a tobacco beetle running across my floor
  19. Catastrophic cigar and humi loss...FML...
  20. God, Viaje and overpriced Secret Sauce
  21. Any good places that I can auction cigars at?
  22. New to cigars, want to find biggest ones
  23. Calibration of a Hygrometer...would this work
  24. Sam Leccia Black and White
  25. Are just OK cigars worth it?
  26. Cigar band display?
  27. Good, easy reading cigar book
  28. Over humidified cigar, a tell tale sign???
  29. Who's been your biggest cigar influence on & offline?
  30. Nick's Sticks
  31. How the Cigar Asylum tastes?
  32. Cigar locker...why?
  33. Choice of drink can overwhelm cigar's flavor...
  34. Authenticity!
  35. Cigar celebration for America's oldest veteran
  36. Thoughts on these premium sticks...
  37. Thoughts on this Non- Premium line...
  38. One-N-Done Nicaraguan Habano Rothschild
  39. Inception Cigars
  40. &)@#&(^$ !!!! I'm soo MAD!!!
  41. NYC questions
  42. Marley cigars?
  43. "World No Tobacco Day"
  44. Recommendations for bundles/cheap smokes from Atlantic Cigar
  45. Question for the experts/ old timers!
  46. An amazing cigar experience!
  47. Dry boxing cigars a day or two before herfing...a quick question plz
  48. You gotta be kidding me...Devils Site overbid
  49. Cigar health issues...do you guys ever worry about it???
  50. Favorite 6 Pack
  51. For those interested: My interview with Jose Blanco
  52. Pre-Graduation Celebration Cigars
  53. Humidifier Problems.
  54. RP Edge Sumatra 2nds??
  55. Alec Bradly SCR?
  56. cigar's at work
  57. Camacho SLR?
  58. good to see pnoon at helms
  59. Little help
  60. The big four-oh this month!!!
  61. Oldest aged cigars you have
  62. Help finding a cigar I enjoyed
  63. My summer vacation
  64. DeBeers diamond company, thank you for the cigars
  65. Fathers Day Cigars??
  66. Nitro, Dulce Vita, VS 55 Infused, & other Thompson Exclusive Infuseds
  67. Its Liga Privada event time woot woot!!!
  68. Intemperance BAXXI
  69. Preferred Humidity Level In Wineador?
  70. Rollin' my own......
  71. Anyone else here ever try Marcus Daniels (FL)?
  72. B/S/T access now WOOT!!
  73. Your number one maduro flavor bomb cigar? (no pepper)
  74. Am I OK in storing my cigars like this?
  75. cigars and pipe
  76. Longest cigar name
  77. Ave Maria?
  78. How many cigars do you smoke a week?
  79. "Breakfast Cigar" what is or do you have a breakfast or morning cigar?
  80. Terminally Ill Cigar
  81. What size Ashton VSG is your favorite?
  82. Just Smoked my Liga A
  83. Favorite Sampler/Gift Boxes
  84. Suggestions for a good cigarello/mini cigar
  85. Oliva Viejo Mundo
  86. Zarka Cigar Lounge (So Cal) Pictures & Review
  87. Dose the pepper note come out more when....
  88. What Tatuaje had the best flavor profile for you?
  89. Camacho Changes
  90. Looking for suggestions based on a cigar i smoked the other day.....
  91. What brand cigars are not sold on the web?
  92. What is this stick?
  93. San Andres Maduro wrapper
  94. Bitter pallate?
  95. Best small cigars?
  96. My Project is complete
  97. Beginner Humi...
  98. CroMagnon Cigars
  99. What Bolívar had the best flavor profile for you?
  100. Your favorite cigar with the Licorice note?
  101. Flavor bomb cigar suggestions solicited
  102. Cigar experiences- what say you all
  103. Does size matter???
  104. Hammer and Sickle are no more
  105. CAO American Slyce
  106. Cigar making live
  107. In your opinion, what's the most over & under hyped cigar brand/line?
  108. My Cuban Wheel Sampler Sale...
  109. Rotating cigars
  110. Behike 52 or Padron Family Reserve
  111. Is this too dry to smoke?
  112. A Cautionary Tale?
  113. What Man O' War had the best flavor profile for you?
  114. Cigar bars, shops etc in around Manhattan Kansas
  115. IPCPR Las Vegas July 13-17, 2013...
  116. Lesson learned and requesting advice
  117. Cigars from Malta
  118. New Toy
  119. looking for Graycliff
  120. Writing inside band?
  121. Flying Cigar.......
  122. Sticks other than maduros...
  123. Show your Jar of Cigar Bands
  124. Steve Saka retires from Drew Estate
  125. 2013 icpcpr
  126. Favorite Vitola?
  127. What 5 Vegas had the best flavor profile for you?
  128. Which Dunhill Selección has the best flavor profile for you
  129. help
  130. Cigar and Beer pairings you enjoy
  131. CAO The Sopranos Edition
  132. I smoked a good cigar yesterday, but....
  133. Anyone willing to part with some bands?
  134. What Cain Nub by Oliva had the best flavor profile for you?
  135. What size Tatuaje La Casita Criolla do you like?
  136. What Punch had the best flavor profile for you?
  137. EMPTY cigar tubes wanted, please
  138. If you haven't tried Cordoba & Morales...
  139. What CAO had the best flavor profile for you?
  140. Smoking outside and flies
  141. caught this guy
  142. Mi Dominicana Lancero
  143. Cigar construction...
  144. Crowned Heads JD Howard Reserve
  145. What cigars is this
  146. Cigars You Take For Granted
  147. Help a suddenly traveling gorilla out - B&M in Raleigh/Durham
  148. Lanceros
  149. So What's Your Wrapper Choice?
  150. PDR 1878's
  151. "Monster" deal
  152. What RoMa Craft Tobac had the best flavor profile for you?
  153. Caps on Liga Privada
  154. Seasonal Smoking
  155. A few questions on palate development
  156. Schimmelpenninck Cigars?
  157. New Manufacturer Kicker?
  158. Had my first experience with Tunneling on a T52.
  159. What is Your Opinion of Arturo Fuente Cigars
  160. ​Joya de Nicaragua Rosalones
  161. Hey from Afghanistan
  162. Cigar bar
  163. Legado de Pepin???
  164. Popping in again
  165. Ever Find Something You Forgot You Had?
  166. Boxes of Cigar Storage Preference?
  167. What Davidoff had the best flavor profile for you?
  168. Cigars in Tubes
  169. How to Salvage a Saturday Afternoon Ill-spent Grocery Shopping
  170. Taboo Cigars?
  171. 7-20-4 cigars
  172. Ramon Bueso Genesis The Project
  173. At Shack IX what is the best cigar you smoked?
  174. Black Crown
  175. German cigars anyone?
  176. Muriel Magnum brown box
  177. Davidoff Nicaragua
  178. Anybody have any cedar sheets they want to part ways with?
  179. For those that freeze cigars, who doesn't use the refrigerator?
  180. Nestor Miranda Danno?
  181. Question about a Neglected Humidor
  182. OK, I've deciced, this is my favorite
  183. Bakersfield, CA
  184. Uneven burn issues in San Francisco
  185. Smaller ring gauges = less flavor complexity?
  186. Tight Draw
  187. Lighting technique
  188. Two very "cubanesque" cigars I've smoked lately
  189. Cigar firmness question
  190. Cracked foot on a good stick
  191. Anyone else have a "cigar bequest?"
  192. Humidification of New Box of Cigars
  193. Started my own cigar site
  194. Vegas cigar shop recommendations?
  195. moving
  196. What “Flying Pig” had the best flavor profile for you?
  197. Peating a cigar
  198. Staying in Ybor City...
  199. Anyone heard of Personales?
  200. Damn fool thing to do...
  201. Anyone had trouble lately with Cigarbid shipping?
  202. Authorized Retailers
  203. Pre-celebratory smoke decision for tongiht
  204. Anyone try the new SOA Cigar
  205. Outdoor gig tonight = I can smoke!
  206. The Moped of Cigars
  207. Nudging another off the cliff
  208. Met Arturo Fuente Jr today at Tampa Sweethearts
  209. Favored cigars survey
  210. Buying cigars in Montego Bay's Duty Free "The Tobacco Shop" - Anyone?
  211. Guatemala sources??
  212. What are your thoughts on the Luxury Collection of Cigars
  213. Passing out cigars
  214. Look at that Plume!
  215. **Monster 2013 Unlucky 13!**
  216. 2013- Big Smoke Las Vegas
  217. Employers Medical Insurance Change is Gonna Bite Me In The A$$
  218. doofus
  219. Smoke Cave!
  220. Cutter or Punch?
  221. Casa Fuente Question
  222. Cigars in Aspen, Colorado
  223. Tatuaje Monster Series
  224. Foundy Compounds, Elements, an Musings
  225. cigar info. please i am new to the site
  226. 60/65/70?
  227. Humidity Question
  228. Second Humidity Question
  229. Alec Bradley Maduro Quadrum
  230. Viaje C4
  231. cruzado marelas supremas
  232. No 62 Inch Maduro
  233. Big ring gauge cigars...
  234. Most satisfying box purchase?
  235. What cigar are you celebrating for Red Sox WS win
  236. Cigar shop with lounge in benton harbor, michigan area
  237. Inner Harbor, Baltimore, MD
  238. Good morning smokes?
  239. Cabaiguan Guapos Maduro
  240. Saint Luis Rey cigars commercial, Directed by ME!
  241. Most overrated cigar you've ever smoked?
  242. Truly Blessed
  243. Vegas Casino Cigar Prices
  244. Meaning of "Cuban" blends
  245. Intemperance
  246. Help with ID!
  247. 2013 Big Smoke Las Vegas Review
  248. Another Goofy Idea
  249. Herrera Esteli Fans
  250. Full body, full strength cigars