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Default Ashton Old Dog (1999)

I remember opening this container in 2002 and not being impressed. I had scored it from a tobacco shop in Stevens Point, WI along with a dozen other tins. Most of them were aged, like these tins of Ashton Old Dog and Original Old Church, all marked 99 on the bottom. From this you can imagine this shop doesn't sell much pipe tobacco, but must have been on an ordering spree that year.

When I smoked my first bowl of this back in 2002 I remember the tobacco being really moist. I wasn't patient enough to let it dry out enough. The bowl was not pleasant.

Today I opened the container back up. The tobacco has remained perfectly moist. I put some on a paper towel to dry out for 30 minutes. While I was drying out the tobacco I was overjoyed to find a tin of Dunhill 965 that I had bought in the spring. For the life of me I couldn't find it up until now. I had decimated an entire closet with no luck.

Back to the Old Dog. I just lit the pipe and this is sweet, mild and is burning like a charm! Not too much complexity, just a hint of latakia but mostly sweet flavors. The smoke is nice and cool. About 5 minutes in I hear a little gurgling. Must be either smoking too fast or the tobacco isn't dry enough.

Since getting out my pipes again I've been relearning how to pack a pipe and keep it lit. The hardest thing for me to do is pace myself, with long slow draw. I'm used to puffing on a cigar and it taking a bit of effort. One nice thing about the pipe is it takes very little effort to smoke; while at the same time taking a great deal of effort and patience.

About half way into the bowl, no bite or harshness, still smoking cool. I wish this blend wasn't as mild. I'm reading some reviews on TR; it appears this isn't a full english blend and it has a mild casing. It doesn't taste full english to me. Oh, well, I'm enjoying it anyway!

By the way, does anyone read the pipe forum?
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Default Re: Ashton Old Dog (1999)

Yes! I read the pipe forum.
I've smoked cigars for 40 years and sometimes get a little bored with them.
Just started pies a year or so ago. I learn a lot in the forum.
Did I just say pies?
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Default Re: Ashton Old Dog (1999)

We have a pipe forum?

Thanks for the review, sounds like something to try and to mix with something a little stronger.
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