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Default Re: Sous vide

Originally Posted by GoatLocker View Post
Water level was good, the vents were clear and pointed about 45 degrees away from the clamp, and the pot was not covered. 145 was the temp I used the previous day for chicken, and it seemed "stuck" there. I didn't notice the set temp at the cooker when I first plugged it in, just plugged it in and started the app. The app was reading the temp correctly from the cooker, but changing the temp on the app had no effect. Resetting the app didn't work, but unplugging the cooker did. For a while, I just won't walk away until I see the cooker reaches and stays at the set temp.
The two times I've had issues with the unit not adhering to the temperature set point were both due to the things I mentioned. Once was the water level being right around the bottom of the liquid level sensor probe and the other was the unit drawing steam in through the vents because the head was rotated a bit too far. There is a minor design flaw in that if the vents are over the pot and not facing the clamp, this has the potential to happen. That steam will blow right across the circuit board(s) which do not seem to be moisture sealed.

Your situation might have been the software / remote control, which I don't use. Maybe the soft reset fixed it.
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Default Re: Sous vide

I've had this same issue and both times it was due to issues with the phone app -- which, in theory they have fixed...

Now I always triple check everything about five minutes after I have started the cook.

BTW, I use the phone app because the buttons on my cooker don't work as well as they could and it's out of warranty...
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