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Default Re: Ask The Rabbi!!

Originally Posted by potlimit View Post
Hey Rabs,

Long time no talk (or type, whatever)! Told my roommate about this thread, and he wanted to know if I could post a question for him:

Aside from any debatable health issues, what is the philosophical basis for the laws of Kashrut?

Thanks in advance,
Hey, great to see you back!

Good question.
Firstly, the basis for the laws of Kashrut are neither based on health issues nor philisophical premises.
The laws of Kashrut are an explicit command from G-d in the Torah (5 Books of Moses), most of which have no specific logical reason, according to simple human intellect.
Example: Why when kosher meat and kosher milk come together they make something NOT-kosher? By themselves they are fine, but together completely prohibitted to benefit from, not just eat - EVEN to feed to a dog or use for shampoo - a milk-meat combo is prohibitted for a Jewish person. So for no health reason, nor can philosophy explain it.
It is simply a command from G-d, as to how a Jew is supposed to conduct him/herself when interfacing with the world, to refine it - in this case through astentia from non-kosher, and partaking in kosher.

Good stuff. Keep 'em coming!
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