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Default Re: Liga Privada No. 9

Well you sir, have great handwriting! I love the No. 9 label in part because of the script!

Also, I'm super jealous you got to be part of the testing phase! That would have been awesome! I had my hands on a coupe of the JD4 pre-releases, but gifted those in a troop raffle.
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Default Re: Liga Privada No. 9

Gotta bump this one, I smoked one of these tonight and found the first 1/3 to be peppery and spicy with notes of earth, the second 1/3 took on a lot of coffee flavors while the pepper died down. The last 1/3 was too bitter for my tastes and it met an early extinguishing. Even at that, this is one of the better nc's Ive had and I have 4 more to enjoy. Recommended. Thanks for the review!
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