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Default Re: "Fresh roasted" subscription company

Originally Posted by Chainsaw13 View Post
Check out for all your home roasting needs. They have a great selection of green beans with roasting notes, plus all the equipment you would need. But I bet you can find someone local first.
Appreciate the link, will check it out. As mentioned, this afternoon was my first attempt at brewing 'fresh roasted' beans and although not overly enthusiastic with the Peruvian bean I did find a noticeable difference in flavor. I use the French press and storing the store bought bean has been an issue so what I have been doing is placing the beans in 6 oz sealed paks and place them in the freezer, once the pak is opened I use the amount needed and zap them for 30 or so seconds before placing them in the grinder. Noted it's a poor substitute but it's about as close to fresh as I have come up with and open to any suggestions . Thanks to all, again thank you for the info!!.
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