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Default Chicken and noodle soup.

This is something i came up with when my uni friends asked me to cook for them as most of them eat nothing more than the 1 microwavable trays of crap but sometimes cook a roast on the weekends i decided to show them how to extend the life of there bird past the roast and the curry next day.

You will need

Chicken carcass thats been stripped of as much meat that you can get off (dont forget the parsons nose and the meat on the bottom)

Chicken stock (the juices from the roast and any gravy left over) and

Thyme (fresh or dry)


How to.

Its so simple even a pissed uni student can do it.

Strip as much meat from the bird as you can then chop the carcass into quarters (dont forget the wings) and put it to one side.

Finley dice the veg and put into a stock pan with the herbs and chicken carcass and enough water to cover bring to a rolling boil and then turn the gas as low as possible and simmer for 30 mins.

Strain off the stock into another pan and discard the carcass but keep the veg to one side.

Boil the noodles in the stock once they are half cooked add the chicken meat and the veg from the stock and once the noodles are done serve.

Congrats you just saved yourself a days worth of money that you can now spend on EVEN MORE BEER and weed.

This recipe can be enhanced if your willing to sprinkle a little weed in with the herbs.
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