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Default Rules for wts/wtb/wtt threads

Anything cigar related can be listed here either for sale or wanting to buy.
You can also list non cigar related items (if legal in nature and appropriate for a board like ours) if wanting to trade for cigars/humidors/etc.

NOTE: If you are uncertain about whether it's appropriate to sell a particular item here ... it's probably not. Just because the rules below dont specifically state that you cannot sell something here, dosent mean that its allowed you dumbass. Dont be a dumbass. Even though theres probably no sign in front of your house in the city that says "No Shooting Firearms Allowed", you know you better not right? Right. And just for those that need certain things spelled out for them...

Some (not all) items we do not allow in PIF's, MAW's, WTS/WTB/WTT are

Guns and or weapons including magazines/clips (there are other forums better suited for these items)
(you get the idea right?)

Rule 1:

All threads started should have either a WTB (Want To Buy), GB (Group Buy) or FS (For Sale) or ISO (Is Seeking Out) in the thread title. This way folks know from just the header whether you are a seller or buyer.

Rule 2:

Do not highjack someone elses thread. If Bobo posted "WTB Opus X's", dont jack his thread by posting you are also looking for the same. Start your own new thread stating such.

Rule 3:

This is not an auction room. State a price if you are selling. Any "highest bid" type threads/posts will be promptly deleted & the mods will taunt you openly for all to see .

Rule 4:

This forum is only for Cigar Asylum private party sales only. Do not post here if you are a retailer/distributer/etc.
This room is not for folks in the cigar industry. There is a retailers section for retailers to post in.

Rule 5:

Price. Anyone selling something here can sell it for whatever he or she wants...within reason. While Caveat Emptor reigns, eyes have been opened to parties pricing not in the spirit of the forum. Those instances will be commented on and dealt with when noticed.

Rule 6:

Cigar Asylum, its Adminitrators & Moderators cannot, & will not be held responsible in any way shape or form for any deal gone bad.
As a buyer, be aware its always possible that you can get screwed by the seller. Get to know the seller, get references, look at their past history, etc. before you do the deal.
Sellers also have stuff to worry about like bounced checks etc from buyers.
Know the risks before you post to buy or sell.
If you have problems, feel free to email me or PM me but be aware that I cannot fix a deal gone bad.

Rule 7:
In WTT threads, accurately state what you are looking for in trade.
If posting to do a trade (WTT), post as close as possible as to what you are looking for in trade. There have been a few complaints that many times a WTT thread becomes a private message auction of sorts. Minimize this and the confusion by clearly stating what you are looking for in trade on the thread. Complaints regarding this type of action will be looked into.

Rule 8:
WTS/WTT/WTB forums will not allow threads involving the sale or trade of Cuban cigars.

Due to continued abuse of this policy, and the legal exposure to Cigar Asylum we have been forced to adopt this new rule since we are a United States based forum. There will be no exceptions to this rule, and multiple violations is grounds for loss of membership.

You also agree to not use this site for any illegal activity including, but not limited to the trading, selling, or exchanging of cigars in locations where they are not legal. We have also had to restrict any trading or selling of firearms or firearm accessories.

These rules are not negotiable & the admins & mods reserve the right to amend them at any time.

NOTE: If you are seller, please read the sticky
** Important Annoucement About Selling **

Heres a few abbreviations you can use in your header:

WTB: Want to Buy
FS: For Sale
WTT: Want to Trade
WTT+Cash: self explanitory
GB: Group Buy

Other than that, enjoy & let me know if we left anything out.

Cigar Asylum Staff

Special Note:
If the person who starts a thread could either post when the deal is done, or just hit the report post button, one of the mods can then close the thread.

The Cigar Asylum staff reserve the right to remove any follow up posts to threads that do not directly pertain to the original posts. In other words, if a follow up post has nothing to do with what the OP is selling or looking for, dont be surprised if it vanishes when an admin sees it. All it does is invoke clutter and takes away from the original post. Some examples include: "If I hadn't just bought something else, I'd be all over this" and "so-and-so is a great BOTL. Good luck with the sale"

Rules 1.003

Cigar Asylum: A cigar board birthed without agendas, without profiting, and without advertisements. Amor puro

Character is what you do when no one is watching

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