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Question Question on lower RH

Good morning fellow inmates!!

Okay so around 6 months ago, I was still keeping my cigars at about 65% and was still generally having the occasional burn issue and even harshness in my cigars.

Since then, I created a new system that has been working really well. In my large coolidors, I've been keeping my NCs at about 68% and CCs at 66-67% for the longer term aging. For cigars I'm currently smoking, I have smaller plastic air tight tubs that I keep the cigars in and use 48% bovedas. I know 48% sounds really low, but I've found with using a hygrometer, the 48% bags actually bring the humidity in these tubs up to about 55-58%. Since doing this, my results have been nothing short of *spectacular*. NCs and CCs alike, taste wonderful every time and never a burn issue unless due to the cigar's fault themselves.

My question is, at what point would cigara begin to lose their oils/flavor and how long would it take for this to happen? Most of the cigars in these lower Rh tubs get smoked pretty soon, but I just want to make sure the ones that may spend a few months (if not occasionally more) will not begin to deteriorate/lose their oils.

Many thanks in advance for any input!

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Default Re: Question on lower RH

I've always found 62 to be my sweet spot. Lately I've noticed the sticks on my "awesome" cabinet have been burning a bit off, occasional relights, and they tend to get tannic toward the end (that bigger shitty taste), I bought a couple of the Goove bluetooth sensors and turns out my cabinet electronics were off by a full 10% so my cigars were actually at about 70%, besides pissing me off it answered the question of my cigars, I've taken the water out of the canisters and on very dry days in FL you know once a month, I leave the door to the cabinet open so things dry out.

It's a losing battle at this point because the entire cabinet is seasoned to 70%, I might have to get a **** load of beads or something to put in there to suck up a bunch of the humidity and get the actual cabinet wood dried out a bit.
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Default Re: Question on lower RH

I have the Govee's as's good information to kind of keep in the back of my mind. I'll check it on my phone right before I open the door and grab a stick....I'll check it when I sit down (1-2 minutes later) to see what it dropped to and then I'll check periodically while I'm enjoying the cigar just see how fast it recovers.

On full recovery, I'm sitting at about 62%. It doesn't take too long to recover either...1-2 hours.....

Can't really speak on the RH that they start losing flavor....I can say that I have definitely tried dried out cigars and they were not good (to me). Couldn't tell you what RH that actually is.....but if I were to guess I would say they were stored for awhile in the 40's.....but thats really a guess.
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