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Default Hispaniola Cristobal Colon 1492 Review

Cigar: Hispaniola Cristobal Colon 1492
Size: 6 x 55
Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Corojo 1996
Price: $348 per box of 20

Pre-Light: The Hispaniola Cristobal Colon 1492 is the second Hispaniola cigar I've reviewed this year. The first was a buttery smooth blend, wrapped in a lightly shaded wrapper that impressed us quite a bit. The HCC 1492 however is a departure from the mild tobaccos found in the El Trabuco 1844. This cigar is touted as full-bodied with full-strength by Hispaniola. This cigar is much more my speed when it comes to what I would normally choose to smoke for personal enjoyment.
The wrapper on the cigar is a dark brown Corojo from 1996 that has a red hue when viewed in sunlight. It is a very oily and smooth wrapper with a slight amount of tooth and few noticeable veins. The head is triple capped and perfectly applied as I have a hard time even noticing the second cap in the series. The foot shows a tightly packed and evenly snipped cut. The cigar looks as good in appearance as any cigar I’ve reviewed to date. With the red on white main band above a matching white on red band, the cigar looks elegant and inviting.
The scent of the cigar is sweet in nature, but has a distinctive barnyard aroma to it with a heavy tobacco smell added. The cap clips easily with the head retaining its shape well. Toasting the foot reveals sweet aromas and a slightly floral scent. Nutty aromas follow. I’m ready to spark this bad boy.

1/3rd: The first few puffs from the HCC 1492 are full or woody notes, sweetness, and a finishing flavor that is reminiscent of the flavor you find in a bell pepper. There isn’t any spice yet that is noticeable, but a pepper flavor is quite noticeable to me. The burn starts very even and produces a slightly less than white ash that looks firm and stays straight for the entirety of the first third. The smokes sweetness develops slightly to show a few hints of caramel as I finish the first third. Woody notes remain the throughout the smoke, with a few shots of leather thrown in for good measure.

2/3rd: While the HCC 1492’s smoke has developed somewhat, it is still not what I would call a full-bodied offering. The smoke is very tasty and has great flavors, but those who might be looking for a top-end cigar of the full-strength and full-bodied types might find this cigar a bit underwhelming. As I reach the halfway point, I notice a slight spice added to the flavor profile that makes this cigar a bit more interesting. The middle portion of the cigar presents a hint of nutmeg here and there, but it is faint and not a focal point of the flavor. A few coffee flavors pop onto the tongue as well, but quickly fade into a woody finish.

3/3rd: The final third starts off with much deeper flavors than the first two thirds, with the slight coffee notes becoming a mainstay in the flavor profile while finishing with a vanilla-bathed wood taste. It washed out into a very fresh, almost black truffle scented aroma on the retro-hale. The cigar finishes strong, with the smoke finally reaching the full-bodied status it touts with about 3 inches to spare. The last few inches of cigar become very heavy and burn very slowly. The flavors have stayed constant throughout the final third and stay until I finally decide to let the cigar go to rest.

Final Thoughts: From beginning to end, the Hispaniola Cristobal Colon 1492 showed delectable flavors while offering a rich smooth smoke. It burned very slowly, nearing a one hour and 40 minute burn that developed from a creamy and smooth lighter body to a thick and mouth coating full body that provides the smoker with coffee and wood flavors. While the cigar did require a couple of minor touchups with a lighter to correct a slightly uneven burn, it didn’t affect the flavor or the enjoyment of the cigar and therefor will not be a detractor from the final scoring. I feel that the HCC 1492 is a fine cigar that should not be over looked when shopping for what amounts to be a mostly medium bodied cigar with a full-bodied finish. While it won’t satisfy those looking for a ton of strength, it will appease those of us who value a flavor more than strength. Any cigar smoker who considers themself to be a connoisseur of fine tobaccos would be hard pressed to find a stick of higher quality.

For high-resolution pics and the final grade click here.
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