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Lightbulb Question Re: Back-to-back pipe smokes

Hey all, this is my first post on the forum ()& I'd appreciate any info/opinions you seasoned pipe smokers might be able to offer me.

Currently, I've only got one pipe (a Winslow 300 series, in case you wanted to know). I've got two more pipes on the way so as to begin a good rotation in the future. In the meantime, my question is this:

Let's say I have a good 90 min smoke (Dunhill Early Morning Pipe as of late, in case you wanted to know). And let's say that I smoke my tobacco down to the bottom of the bowl. Being that I've got some free time in this scenario & I'd prefer to continue smoking but only have one pipe, what are my options?

Can I/Should I: A) Dump my ashes swab the pipe w/some cleaners and reload another bowl while still warm; B) Dump the ashes, swab the pipe, wait for it to cool and reload; or C) Dump the ashes, put my pipe back atop my humidor & accept the fact that the pipe needs to rest a day or so before the next reload?

If there's some 4th option that I hadn't considered, please feel free to let me know. Thank you for any information anyone could provide me.

P.S. I really enjoy the site. Lot of knowledge around here

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Default Re: Question Re: Back-to-back pipe smokes

Hey welcome to nut house. When you get a second hop on over here: and post an intro so we can get to know you a touch. As for your options I would say to at least let the pipe rest for a few hours. I also think that you may want to consider a couple of cob pipes if you are concerned with burning out your nice pipe. A lot depends on how you smoke, and what you smoke. Some will tell you that you must only smoke a pipe once a day. Some real purists say once a week. I personally feel that as long as the pipe has cooled and has been dried up and swabbed with a cleaner or two then you are good to go.
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Default Re: Question Re: Back-to-back pipe smokes

It is best to let it cool and swab with some cleaners if you are going too. It is usually better to wait awhile after just so your tastebuds can relax for a bit, but of course when you get another pipe the rotation will work wonders for you. Btw Nice choice, Winslow pipes are great.
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Default Re: Question Re: Back-to-back pipe smokes

Welcome aboard!!

Don't worry you will soon acquire more pipes than you know what to do with!! You have hit on one of the topics in pipe smoking that everyone pretty much has a different opinion on.

It is nice to give the pipe a day or two to rest and dry out between smokes. But I have also known people who only own 1 pipe and they smoke it all day and then the next and so on. They never complain about it getting sour or anything like that.

For myself, I always run a pipe cleaner through the stem afterwards to soak up as much liquid as possible. Then I'll put the pipe up for a day or two. Is this a hard and fast rule? Certainly not. I have been known to smoke a few bowls out of the same pipe in a day but not all the time.

Everything in moderation is the key here I guess.
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Default Re: Question Re: Back-to-back pipe smokes

With briar pipes, if the heat up too much the heat will damage the bowl. Thats the reason for letting it sit and cool. So if you have a cheap briar that you are not worried about this happening to, then go for it.

Another option is meerschaum. Because it's meerschaum and not briar, you can smoke it all day.

Welcome to CA!
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