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Default Re: Playa Del Carmen

Wish I had seen this sooner. Used to go to Playa del Carmen a couple times a year, love it there. You should skip the resort, some of the boutique hotels there are pretty nice, and you can hit the nightlife there much more easily, as well as hit the restaurants...

I don't think I ever went into Casa Partagas... I think I went into Morgan's cigar store, saw a couple "cubans" with labels that looked a little hinky and decided not to trust any of them.

There's some boston (I think) themed restaurant and cigar bar along 5th... I've been there a couple times, their cigars looked legit, but a lot of them were in bad condition (torn wrappers etc)...

La Casa Del Habana (I know... I know... seriously suspicious name) surprisingly enough has always been a favorite of the gf's for their hookahs. Real nice glass hookahs with good thick hoses/wooden mouthpieces. I've looked through their cigars and tried a couple, didn't seem to be fakes, but weren't any cheaper.

I usually brought my own down there.
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