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Default Re: How offten do you go from pipes to cigars?

Originally Posted by RX2010 View Post
I occasionally will reach for a cigar. Not because I want to smoke one more than the pipe, but because I feel like I've neglected my cigars for too long.

I've honestly been considering selling off my cigars except for a couple choice boxes and just putting the money into pipes. At first I thought it would be an additional hobby, but I really truly enjoy it a lot more. Buuuut, I still like cigars, and there are a couple different sticks that will ALWAYS have a place in my home, but that's about it.
I thought of it but enjoy both very much. The pipe is a lot more demanding and once it's controlled the enjoyability is better then a cigar. Some times to just reach for a stogie and not think as much is a fine change.

Pipes have a one up on cigar for me But I like knowing I can have a cigar at any time I feel like it.

I could never give up one for another.
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