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Default Popcorn Popper Coffee Roasters & Grinders...

Wanted to start this so as not to hijack anyone's threads. I absolutely LOVE nothing much better than a really good cup of coffee. Unfortunately, that delight comes few and far between. Personally, I'm looking to determine if the work involved is worth the effort and if I am able to achieve the high quality success many others here acclaim. As everyone here knows, the move to home roasting is likely to result in a complete shift from the old trusty Keurig. I've home brewed for years and know that the work, time and cost for a mic better beer (ales) is most definitely worthwhile!
Mark said he's using the Poppery II with success, with out modifications and that sounds most interesting! Any other poppers out there that can be used with success? I have seen that the original Poppery is good, but out of production and mostly sourced from eBay at a premium for used (questionable condition) units. What about current models?
On another note, what type of grinders are you budget minded brothers using? Blade or Burr? Lastly and this could be a long one...what Brewers/brew methods do the popper crown favor? Whew! That's a lot!
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