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Default Re: Beginner Questions (Ask Them Here!)

Originally Posted by Yamasa View Post
Cigar Bloom as promised.
Sorry, that's mold.

Originally Posted by Yamasa View Post
You can send me the Behikes now.
Don't hold your breath kid.

Originally Posted by Yamasa View Post
Fair enough, however could you tell me why all the material I have seen from cigar makers lists tobacco mold on cigars as a distinctive blue colour?

Also, mold is not hard and crystalline as these speckles are, I have smoked them and the crystals do not degenerate or disappear until either licked (at which point they taste like cane sugar) or smoked again, taste like cane).

Perhaps one man's mold is anothers' bloom.
Mold comes in various colors. White is fairly common actually. Mold forms unevenly and tends to be splotchy, exactly like the cigars you took a photo of.

You could be dealing with old mold, basically happened some time ago, then the humidity issue was corrected, and the colony stopped growing and dried up. Think of a standing dead tree.

Perhaps ignorance is bliss to the misinformed and inexperienced.
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