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Originally Posted by landhoney View Post
Finally smoking one of these. Bobarian 'kindly' (notice the quotes) gifted me TWO of these, churchills no less. Its funny because, like the OP, it didn't start out so bad. The first few puffs I was thinking, "this is not good....but its not that bad". But slowly the bad flavor builds in your mouth. I was thinking "you should keep smoking to give it a fair shake." But then I kept noticing this bad flavor in my mouth building. And I want to put the cigar down, but like a bad movie, you sometimes want to see how bad it will get. Oh well, 3/4 of an inch is all I can stomach. Maybe I didn't get to the 'absolutely wretched' point, but at least I can say I have experienced all that is "CREMOSA".
They are definitely an "experience". This weekend at the Barn herf I witnessed one of the most heroic feats of smoking I have ever seen. Bonjing(Greg) manned up big time and smoked one past the band!
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