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Default Re: A Hunting Story: Rifle, Caliber, Bullet Choice, Myths and Lore

We take off and are moving to the final gate of this high fenced area when the guide hits the brakes and says. “Look left, there is the cow Oryx.” I jump out of the rear right passenger side and chamber a round. The guide asks if I want to get up on the rear rack. I say “no” the hood of the F250 is fine. The rain is pouring. My glasses are all wet. The scope glass is wet. I dial the 3x9 back to 3x so I can get a better field of view and not see any water drops. I lean over the hood of the truck and take aim at the fuzzy front shoulder a little high and back. One might ask, “How did I know where to aim the shot?” Had I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night? Well years ago I was given The Perfect Shot, mini African edition. I have read this over and over again fantasizing about someday hunting in Africa. I remembered where to shoot an Oryx.

I take the 135 yd. shot. It all happened fast. When the shot goes off and the rifle jumps, all I see is water spray. I immediately chamber another round. I’ve watch African hunting shows so it seemed like the thing to do. I look down range and see the cow running away up a slight hill. I place the cross hairs (I’m off hand at this point) on her spine and take a second shot. Again, I see nothing but water spray. She’s gone. In my vanity all I can think of is the ribbing I’m going to take for missing a free Oryx trophy at a 135 yd. shot. I’m going to have to make excuses about rain, wind, cold, truck hood, blah..blah..blah. That’s when the guide says, “Hurry get in the truck.” “You nailed her.” For the first time in this adventure my heart started pumping. I no longer felt the cold. I jumped in and off we went. Again, I started thinking; “I’m using a 140 gr. Nosler BT on an African plains animal.” “What was I thinking?” “This is not an African plains game round.” “If I’ve wounded this animal I’ve going to have to get out dogs to track it.”

Just then, as we crest a slight rise, in the grass we see white were the cow was standing. The guide gives me a high five. BUT, and I mean a BIG BUT, we notice that this is a small animal. Real small. Also the cow didn’t drop she ran up the hill. What was dead? Answer, I had shot the Oryx calf. I told the guide that I never saw the calf and that what I was on was MUCH LARGER. He said he didn’t see a calf either. I thought, “Had I made a mistake.” This was followed by, “Was I going to get charged for this?” Upon closer inspection there was a bullet hole in the right ear of the calf and a clean pass through the head out the left side. The guide looks at me and says, “Collateral damage, hurry get back in the truck.” Off we went and 45 yards up and 30 yards left in the bush lay the cow Oryx dead.

When finally processed we found that the second round had hit the neck and passed through as well. Both shots had found their mark, although the second shot had little to due with the ultimate end.

It seems that the underpowered 7mm Mauser with the 140 gr Nosler BT had found its mark and I had made a perfect lung shot. Not only had it kill the cow, the bullet passed through the cow and killed the calf. The bullet entered and exited both animals never to be found. I had made a 2-fer shot.

The Oryx cow score 90. I don’t mount game. Not because I’m against it. But, I’m cheap, hunt for meat and have never shot a real trophy animal. Having horns doesn’t make it a trophy for me. I will tell you that this Oryx is being sent to the taxidermist for a mount.

As I was driving home to the processer (they say that the Oryx is the best African meat, we shall see), I started to reflect on the adventure and what had happened so fast. I started to think about take-a-ways and here are what I came up with.

1. Shot placement trumps all.
2. The late 19th and early 20th century African hunters weren’t hampered by the use of the 7mm Mauser on large game.
3. While the 140 gr. Nosler BT did it’s job and by the results exceeded what I would have expected. I still would not choose that bullet if I ever do this again.
4. Perseverance pays off. They don’t call it “killing”, they call it “hunting”.
5. Myths and lore are just that. Nothing replaces the experience of ‘doing it’.
6. I will be called for BS for the rest of my life around campfires if I tell the 2-fer, one bullet, Oryx kill story. This will be even worse if I say I used a 7mm Mauser with 140 gr. Nosler BTs. It will take pictures to prove any different.

Maybe Bell did kill over 800 elephants with his .257 Rigby. I know that I will never look at the 7mm Mauser through the myth and lore goggles again.
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