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Default Re: Scammer Calls at Hotel- Opinions?

Obviously this isn't wise of anyone however, its probably not the end of the world. Credit cards are especially safe for consumers with all of their consumer protections out there. I market highend products on the phone all the time. New people often as me what do I do if someone is afraid of being scammed over the phone. Now this is ironic because I get asked this often by new people in my line of work cause they want to know how to address it if it comes up. However, I have literally in 9 years never had a customer express this concern and only about 25% pay with a Credit Card most pay with a Cashier's Check in the mail.

However, whenever I'm asked this question by a new person I give the same exact answer. Tell them to pay with a Credit Card because they have consumer protection with their Credit Card. I know this from experience, traveling often and doing business onlline I have had fraud charges probably 4 times. Its always a piece of cake with my CC. It was a hassle once on my Debit card but my CC companies it's no big deal.
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