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Default Scammer Calls at Hotel- Opinions?

So At my work we have been having people... various people... call the front desk and ask to be transferred to a room... Well my co-workers and I used to go right ahead and connect the call... till 3 days ago apparently a guest answered the phone and was told it was a member of Wyndham corporate, and that they needed their credit card number at the front desk... this woman actually gave her CC# to the guy on the phone that did not even know her name... !!!!

So we are now requiring all callers to identify the person they are trying to reach by name... not something hard to do... but apparently hard to remember as 2 of my co-workers unthinkingly sent calls up today... and 2 more people gave their CC#'s!!!!!!

So working on it as we are... I kinda feel like these people should know better... opinions?

and for everyone this goes as a general warning.... NEVER GIVE CC info over the phone to anyone that has called you... you call them... different story perhaps... but never to someone that calls for you...
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