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Default Re: What's the last movie you watched II?

Originally Posted by kelmac07 View Post
Haywire...was not impressed.
I was not "impressed", but I did really injoy it. I have had a huge crush on Gina Carano for years though, so my opinion is clearly bias! Can't wait for the Gina's next flick or fight!

I watched New Years Eve with the wife, horrible film!!!
(I can't believe how bad this movie was since it has such an expensive cast)
The one time I laughed was in a deleted scene with Robert Deniro.

I watched The Wistleblower, it was okay. A bit boring in the beginning, a couple good parts but I was dissapointed with the ending.
Semi-Spolier: It has one of the endings where they show a few paragraphs explaining what happens to everybody .
I don't know what it is about Rachel Weisz, but I find her very attractive.

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