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Default Waiting for my Tower of Power

Talk about third world problems....My Coolerdoor is too full.

I was very close to ordering a Mini Tower or end table like the Lauderdale or Montague. Last Monday I was very close to ordering a Mini Tower from Brookstone for $471 shipped. But I decided to put it on hold in case any other sales came up. But when CI had the 23% off deal on 8/23, and the 6' Tower of Power was not on the exclusion list, I figured I would go for it. I think $654 shipped is a pretty good deal.

Now am impatiently awaiting the arrival of my ToP. I was able to score a Hydra LG (Well, the Blue CI Humi-care version of the Hydra) for about half off on C-Bid then ordered a fan kit and a couple of extra fans.. Maybe next year after my car is paid off I will buy a Staebell or Avallo unit for it. I will probably use a couple of pounds of beads in there to help keep things stable. I am just hoping it wont look too bare when I my cigars in there. I can always do the trick at the grocery store and pull all the boxes to the front of the shelves to make them look full.

From what I have read, you need to give it a week to season. Check the seal and have some Aquarium grade Sealant Any other suggestions on what to expect?
  • How long does it take for CI and Quality to finally ship it
  • Is there a best place to put the fans
  • Is it worth it nutting in some LED Strip Lights
  • If I mount hand rails on the sides (and lose about 50 pounds) can they bury my in it.

I guess this marks a bit of milestone in more ways than one. First is that progression from Ziplock bag to furniture Humidor will be complete. This fall also actually marks my 25th anniversary as a Cigar Smoker. I have seen some newbies buy one after 6 months or a year. So I guess taking 25 years shows some self control.
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