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Default Re: Properly Seasoning a New Humidor

Originally Posted by N2Advnture View Post
To Properly Season A Humidor:

In regards to seasoning, it's pretty simple. Most people think that you should wipe down the interior with water and you're done but I DO NOT recommend this for two reasons. 1.) It does not provide enough moisture to properly season the humidor 2.) It can warp the wood in the humidor.

New wood will draw moisture until it reaches its saturation point, so to properly season your humidor, simply place a large bowl of distilled water into the humidor and keep it closed for 7-14 days. This will allow the dry wood to absorb as much moisture as it can hold. By doing this, you will have a more stable environment for your cigars and reduce the chances of the dry wood absorbing moisture from your cigars. Patience is key to ensure that your new humidor is properly seasoned.

While your waiting for the humidor to season, purchase and calibrate a digital hygrometer. You'll save yourself some headache in the long run.

I hope this helps and happy smoking!


During the seasoning process... and once saturation is achieved... would I have a humidity reading in the 90% range (or, what would a humidity reading look like once you've seasoned the box for a week or so)?

At that point it would be safe to assume the wood has saturated itself, take out the dish of water AND humidification device ... let it sit EMPTY for 24 hours, check humidity reading... let it sit 24 hours more, check humidity...

IF it stayed within 1 to 2 % points... it's safe to assume you're good to go, add your humidification device AND sticks and away we go?

Does that sound right?
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