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Default Re: Descaling a heat exchange machine

No real loss in performance, but I guess I wanted to take on the challenge and do some maintainance.

One factor was the fact that I returned from vacation and my machine wouldn't turn on and I was looking for service and found out the closest place was an hour away and a week wait.

After opening up the machine and checking inside, I discovered my low water float was stuck and it was not allowing the machine to turn on.

I had broken out my old Gaggia to use and realized how much I need my machine to work.

Some manufacturers discourage descaling a hx machine and say it can dislodge scale and actually cause problems while many owners recommend it.

Most everyone agrees that if you are using purified water, it's not something you need to do regularly like back flushing.

Seattle Coffee gear does great YouTube videos and after watching the descale video, I was much less hesitant than I was prior
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