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Default Re: PooPail Question

On the news last night suggested that you use a credit card for PooPail, not your bank account. This was based on the fact that if you get hacked, they can clean out your bank account and not have any way to contest it or get your money back. They strongly advised you to use a credit card.

1. Do not link your ****** to a bank account or debit card. A scammer could really take you for a ride if they can access to your account. This lets scammers drain or even overdraft your bank account.

2. Do link your ****** to a credit card. This offers you an extra layer of fraud protection. Experts say this lets you dispute a fraud charge on two fronts. Experts say that way you're more likely to get your money back.

3. Never click on links in e-mails from ******. They might not really be from ******. Scammers can lead you to a dummy site where. When you put in your information, scammers steal it. This is called spoofing and itís common. ****** has 200 million users worldwide giving scammers many targets.

I tried to post the link, put had to switch it to Poopail in order to post it. You can click on the link and correct it to get to the article.
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