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Default Papas Fritas Review

Six dollars for a short filler have GOT to be kidding me. What the hey, I'll give it ago but his better be the best short filler cigar i've EVER............................EVER had. And it was. $6 good, not sure about that but I don't feel ripped off for buying a tin.

the first 1/3 of this cigar was nice. lots of spice, lots complexity, hints of candied fruit, nutmeg and it had a very smooth creamy finish that just coats the mouth.

second third the spice died off by about half but the complexity stayed. I'm not the best at picking up flavors but even with my limited ability I was able to get some all spice, some nutmeg, woody/ceder notes, leather.

last third the spice has backed down even more but on the retrohale there was still a ton of complexity flavors that I couldn't place dancing around the tongue and the nose...fruity, candied, spice notes. The ash held well and there was no loose tobacco in the mouth which you some times get with short filler cigars.

I did have one problem with the cigar, Initial presentation. I've smoke a number of short filler cigars and i've yet to see one where there is loose tobacco in the cellophane wrapper like there was with this cigar. There was also some missing tobacco from the foot which was rather disappointing. And while I love the way the tin displays, I'd rather have had them come in cardboard and got another cigar or paid less for the 4 then what the metal tin added to the cost. But that's a personal thing, packaging doesn't do a lot for me.

These cigars are phenomenal

also from what I'm told the tin adds about 18 cents to the overall price. The idea was taken from old cigar 3 packs that you would get when you flew first class.
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