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Default Re: Mobile Stogie moving to new owner!

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Even giving the issues, which are becoming ever more slight, I love this app for what it is. I would like to see weekly reference updates but given that it is not a full time gig for them it is what it is. I still give it two thumbs up. If you could work out a way to import the humidors from the previous version you would make a TON of people happy!
I really wish that I could do that. I have a couple very close friends who had a ton of cigars in the old version. The problem is that there isn't a way to export from the old version. If that was possible, then an import could be possible.

Originally Posted by CaptnStabn View Post
Will this app ever be available for android?
I would love to meet an android developer who would like to help with creating it. It is hard to find someone who can do that programming. With a wife now and a full time job and a part time job I need someone's help to do Android. If you know anyone, please send them my way.

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