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Default Re: Herf Brownies

I want to thank Albert for the accidental mention of Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk the other day, because of that I started thinking about how to make it work and here's what I came up with, and I think it's an improvement over how this recipe started out.

  1. Start with a "family sized" or "makes a 13x9 tray" box of dark chocolate brownies - Duncan Hines or Betty Crocker (Pilsbury if you must).
  2. Add a 5-6 oz bag of tropical trail mix
  3. Add a handful of chocolate chips or a chopped up candy bar, or even M&Ms (note, the shells will melt and give some interesting mold-looking color patterns on the underside of the brownies)
  4. Add 4-5 oz of chopped walnuts
  5. Substitute strong espresso or coffee with an additional 2 tablespoons (6 teaspoons) of dark roast instant coffee mixed in (I use Nescafe Classico) for the water.
  6. Use one half the amount of oil as called for on the box.
  7. Add a volume of sweetened condensed milk equal to the amount of oil added in step 6.
  8. Add eggs as directed on the box (you can short the eggs a bit or use smaller eggs to get a denser brownie)
  9. Cook as directed on the box.
Chocolate, more chocolate, sugar and caffeine. What's not to love?

Thanks again for the idea, Albert!
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