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Default Re: Signed up for my first 5K Run

Originally Posted by Chainsaw13 View Post
Bought some new shoes today as my first set were finally wearing out after 5-6 months of use. Got a pair of Brooks Adrenaline. Wow, what a nice fit/feel. I tried on these first, plus some New Balance and Saucony's, but I knew right away the Brooks were the one. Went out and did 4.52 miles in just over 41mins to break them in. Now to keep going a little further every day. The plan is to run a 10k in the spring, then who knows where (half marathon maybe?).
Ohhh yes...the "half." Ran one in '09. The physical side isn't too bad when you train-up (don't get me wrong, it will hurt), but the mental part surprised me. You're running for so long and your mind needs a way to stay occupied. I remember feeling really good up to the 10.5 mark, then I asked myself, "What the **** am I doing this for?" Then the crowd showed up with about 1.5 to go and I just "rode" them You can get it done Bob, just put the work in!!!

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