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Default Re: Sous vide

Originally Posted by T.G View Post
Food looks awesome in the photos, Dom.

This is a process I've never experimented with; so the main thing about the finished product with the sous vide method is no loss of moisture in the food, an extreme tenderness from the long low temp cook where you let enzymes do what they are supposed to do and then combining that with a maillard reaction for the outside texture that normally wouldn't be possible to combine with that level of moisture, doneness or rarity of the meat?
Exactly, Adam.
There are certain things that I wouldn't know how to achieve if it weren't for the sous vide method.
Brisket, cooked medium rare, yet as tender as if it was cooked to an internal temp of 200, with less loss of moisture, is one example.
The main draw for me was the red meat, and the edge to edge level of doneness.

Originally Posted by CigarNut View Post
Hey Dom, do you have any recommendations for a Sous Vide cookbook?
Michael, sorry, I don't.
I don't have one and have never even looked at one
I mainly use a time and temp guide to figure out how long to cook things and then pair it with things I know how to make.
I also have used the Anova app on my phone for inspiration, but haven't tried any of their exact recipes.
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