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Originally Posted by BPCR View Post
Well here goes ... been a cigar smoker for a good long while and it just seemed like the thing to do was explore the world of tea and coffee. When i was at the mall i got some things... not much just what i thought i needed to get started. Was just wondering what you all though i should start with. I am a earl grey fan and love just plain old arizona sweet tea when i am out for a ride in the vette. Any sugestions would be awsome and if anyone wants to do a trade for a sampler for some cigars then hit me up......
It's just like cigars. You never know until you try. Adagio is a good suggestion as is Specialteas. Also, learn to brew gong fu style, it's a real eye opener.

To do so, I would suggest buying an inexpensive gaiwan. The concept is rather than some leaf for 5 minutes as many westerners do is to use a small vessel with enough leaf to fill the vessel once hydrated and do several re-steeps (note green and oolong do better than blacks for this as most blacks have little staying power). Rather than 5 minutes, consecutive steeps of say, 15, 10, 15, 20....seconds. It's amazing what this does for many teas.
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