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Default Re: Pumping Iron with Adriftpanda and Icehog3 II

Bob, I wish I had something wise to say...I just know it sucks when you're into it and the body is not cooperating. I'm having an issue with my right tri right now, but it isn't even close to what you're enduring. Just know I've been there, and gotten better every time. Couple real bad ones, couple pretty bad ones, and here I stand. You'll do the same.

Today was leg day, went in very unmotivated, so decided to go volume. Lost count of how many sets of leg presses I did, I did them til my quads started cramping. Threw in a bunch of hammie curls and quad extensions until my hamstrings started cramping too. The stairs have been just lovely tonight, and I've been up and down all the flights a dozen times.

I'll hit front squats next leg day, just didn't feel like it today. Tomorrow I'm going to just hit core and cardio, and back to chest Sunday. That way I don't have chest on ICM.

Huy, are you curling your children to get a little bicep workout in?

Thanks Dave, Julian, James, Kelly, Peter, Gerry, Dave, Mo, Frank, Týr and Mr. Mark!
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