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Default Re: Blind Review Participants - pipe tobacco


1) Aesthetics: the look of the tobacco - rough cut, ribbon cut, cubed cut, brick, flake, what colors, maybe even the tin’s aesthetic appeal (maybe this is better for describing a pipe)
Very fine looking whole light brown flakes. Nice
Score for aesthetics: 5

2) Pre-light Construction: moist? dry? Difficult to rub out? easy to pack? ease of lighting? does it smell cased, naturally sweet, smoky, reminds you of a particular fruit?
Easily broken up for packing, but I imagine it would have been fine folding the flakes. Not much in pre-light smell, so probably not heavily cased.
Score for Pre-light construction: 4.5

3) Post-light Construction/How it smoked: burns evenly? smokes hot or cool? What is ash like? color of ash? did it get overly wet, gurgle?
Smoked well and burned evenly especially after getting past the staying lit phase. Smoked fine....not to hot or moist.
Score for post-light construction: 5

4) Flavor and strength: English, Oriental, Aromatic, etc... What does it taste like? Full-bodied, med. or mild? Does it taste earthy, spicy, fruity (which one?), vegetal, sweet, rich, harsh, floral, robust, woodsy, acidic, salty, nutty, caramelly, marshmallowy, etc...? Is it pleasant or unpleasant? Does it build in flavor and/or complexity as you smoke it? Is it bland, flavorful, complex? Did it get bitter?
Definitey had the flavor of a Danish VA. Light and sweet with a bit of tanginess that progress along with overall strength. Hay and citrus notes detected probably from a light topping. Never got hot or bitter with a wee bite if puffed too aggresively.
Score for flavor and strength: 4

5) Aftertaste/Finish: aftertaste is the sensation &/or flavor on you palate after each puff, not the taste left after you finish the bowl. Is it heavy - light? Spicy, nutty, fruity, bitter, hot, grassy? Mild - strong? Pleasant or not? Harsh?
Finish was light, sweet and hay like. A litte tang also as it progressed.
Score for aftertaste: 4

6) Aroma: What does it smell like? Good - bad? light or heavy? pervasive - mild? overpowering, unpleasant, magnificent? nutty, spicy, earthy, smoky?
Aroma was very light, pleasing and sure to be non offensive to bystanders. Just sweeet tobacco.
Score for aroma: 4.5

7) General Comments Did you particlarily enjoy of with a certain food or beverage? Does this blend appeal more at certain time of day? Did it remind you of something? Would you buy it again? Sum it up as you would to a friends ("That tobacco was awesome!") and give it an overall score.
I would classify this as a very approachable all day blend. Reminds me alot of Stokkebyes Navy Flake of which I have quite a bit cellared. So I would imagine this would be Luxury Twist Flake especially considering it probably was purchased in bulk also (thanks Todd). Haven't smoked alot of straight VAs as I've preferred English, VaPers and Balkans but this one is worthy and one I may consider putting away. Hits all the marks for me in a VA and highly recommended.
Overall score: 4.5

Thanks for the 'baccy Todd and the opportunity to put my spin on them.
Also was curious how long blend 3 was cellared?
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