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Default Re: Blind Review Participants - pipe tobacco

Thanks for the info Todd. Very generous samples also to let me explore further bowls.

Sample 2 review smoked in a GBD Dynasty Lumberman.

1 - very dark sliced flake, looks good
score 4
2 - not to moist or dry, broke up nicely for packing
score 4
3 - lights easily and burns evenly with few relights required.
score 4
4 - taste is definitely on the bold side with a light Lakeland essence. guessing the good bit of dark fired leaf in this blend keeps the VAs in the background. strong with a nic punch, I smoked this slowly. between the Lakeland essence and the dark, earthy mustiness I didn't notice much evolution of flavors as I did in sample 1. not my cup of tea so to speak but may improve with some cellar time.
score 3
5 - I would have to describe the finish as sharp and floral, maybe would have paired better with a stiff drink instead of Coke Zero.
score 3
6 - room note is non offensive, but a bit soapy and earthy on the nose.
score 3.5

Overall this 'baccy got 21.5 out of 30. I would have enjoyed more if some brighter VAs were employed into the blend, but that would just be my personal preference.
My guess of this mystery blend would be it's a dark Lakeland flake.
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