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Default Rattrays Black Virginia

while shuffling through my open tins at the house, none of which were what i was "feeling" or had been "feeling" as of late (other than Bracken Flake and the ropes...), decided to open something out of the cellar. so, since it was going to be freshly smoked, that ruled out any C&D or McC tobaccos as they take weeks to get into smoking humidity...

nabbed a tin of Rattrays Black Virginia from '04. don't know how i came about this tin, or the other that it was sitting on... i think i bought them a while back.

anywho, upon opening said 100g tub, it's definitely BLACK, and only a few speckles of dark brown. to the touch, it felt weird... weird in the fact that it felt like it was dry, but was still plyable, it also felt like it was a little goo-ey/waxy, similar to a bulk aromatic (or Capt Black). the strands weren't all closely mixed, as the ribbon cut seemed twisted up and not soft enough to be compressed together. anyway, just an odd feel/look out of the tin.

tin aroma reminded me of a dark syrup sweetness.

smoked in a pipe i reserve for VAs and VA/Pers, my stanwell pot. ol' trusty.

flavor was great, when i was getting it, as i had to fight with it while driving and it was fresh out of the tin. i also dont' have a decent tamper in the truck w/ me, which i should put one of the many i have in there (one i can twist as i tamp). flavor was very much like the tin aroma, dark syrup sweetness.

i had to re-light it a few times more than i'd like, obviously, and puff a little harder... but overall, very positive experience, can't wait til it dries out some more. this did NOT tongue bite at all.
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