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Default Re: It's iPhone upgrade time, woohoo

Originally Posted by G G View Post
I don't remember how much my first cell phone costed but it was around $100. But they did have the 40 or so cents a minute for every minute you used incoming or outgoing. That was probably in the early 90s. I use the calendar a lot on my phones, my wife and I sync them so we can keep up with everything. I also use documents and notes extensively on my phone as well. The prices are crazy though I agree.
Well if my memory is correct when I was talk $3,500.00 I was living in Sacramento, Celleur One was the carrier back then. Those phones were the size of like a Small Overnight Bad, they had a carry handle. Then they got slightly small like the size of a Telephone Handset with a Big Antana stick out the top. If you went in your vechicle you had a seperate Antana in your vechicle, to hook to your phone via wise, with a Pigtail Antana mount on your vehicle. Think that was about 1980's.

You paid by the minute for incoming and out going calls, plus roaming charges if you move out of home area (area code).

Today most phones are capable of doing about anything you want to do. The APP selection is crazy.

I am old school, I would rather talk to someone v/s text. I laught at the commercial were a kid texted grandma to bring him a drink, grandma is across the room. But she brings the kid a drink.

Then you have Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram how technology has change some people live.

IMHO people need to talk to people, not spend their lives on technology. I hate calling some company and being told to push 1, then push 3, then being told to leave a message.

It was nice when human answer the phone. JMHO
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