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Default Re: Cutting the Cable/Satellite Cord

Originally Posted by wayner123 View Post
All of these channels are either on hulu or you can go to the stations website to stream any show. And that way you can also watch any show you may have missed as most keep the whole season.

I have tried that.... Specifically Burn Notice. I have found watiching a tv show in the little window applet they provide isn't all that pleasing to me. The only real advantage I saw to it was being able to pause it. I have not tried Hulu, maybe I will give it a look. Generally though I am computing and watching tv at teh same time. I anly have room for one monitor on the desk, so a split screen isn't an option.

An aside is the wife is NOT computer not internet savvy and has no desire to be so. If there is once sight I could select a channel or specific show, maybeeeeee.
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