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Default Re: falconman515's NewAir AW-280E 28 Bottle Wineador Build!

Here is a great idea if you want a little better seal on your drain for the condensation......

Hot melt glue 101

Hot melt is just a plastic that melts at a fairly low temperature. It is used a lot in arts and crafts. The gun you use can be had for a couple of dollars at any craft or sewing store. To use the gun you plug it in, shove the plastic stick in the back of it, wait for it to heat up, and pull the trigger to make it come out the front (that's what she said) It re-solidifies in a few seconds. The glue is not really glue it is just plastic.

To remove from a smooth surface you can often just pop it off with a little pressure or take a q-tip dipped in alcohol and rub around the base of the glue. It will loosen the joint and you can pop it off with no damage or junk left behind. It is very friendly stuff.
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