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Default Re: falconman515's NewAir AW-280E 28 Bottle Wineador Build!

A couple more pics on the progress ......

Found some drawer pull handles on clearance at Lowes for $1.09 a piece on bought 7 of them for all the cheaphumidor trays I ordered ( I have 2 right now the other 5 will be here Tuesday).

This is the picture of the handles I found and what they look like on the tray.

I was trying to find a handle that when you saw it on the tray through the glass it closely resembled the brushed nickel color of the front door handle on the NewAir.

For the price these turned out looking great I think and adds a little bit of class to the initial cheaphumidor trays in the mean time till I get a true drawer system down the road from Forrest.

Once the rest of the drawers come In I will be mounting all the handles and I will get a picture of what all 7 shelves look like filled with trays and handles on each and 2 Caliber III hygros mounted at the top and bottom on the front left of each tray.

Hope this helps out someone looking to maybe to go the cheap tray route to start and how to make it look a little better.

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