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Default Re: Starting to like wine...the Red version

Riddick I am curious as to why you are so venomous in this thread. While I agree with your opinions on Australian wines in general I think your delivery is hostile and aggressive.

There are actually many Australian wines that I very much enjoy and find them comparable on many levels to the wines of the world...........I am assuming this doesn't make me stupid only of different tastes than others.

The OP was asking for opinions on Red Wine...........seems most folks where trying to do that, as luck would have it we all have opinions. Whether or not you agree with them is certainly your right, but to attack peoples knowledge or lack thereof based on them freely providing their opinions (as asked) to the OP seems somewhat self serving. You clearly are passionate about wines and seem to have a very good knowledge base but again I question your motives and your approach.

I am sure the OP would love some options of great wines that he could try based on your obvious depth of knowledge but attacking others because they like something seems well just rude. I have smoked cigars for years......I have tried hundreds upon hundreds of Non Cuban varieties and in truth I don't find much to like so I stick to Cubans............when people ask for advice on Cuban cigars I give what I know freely and hopefully friendily (not a word but it fits the purpose) what I don't do is hunt down Non Cuban thread recommendations and let loose a tirade on how there are a myriad of things that I don't like about NC's.

This thread has gone way of track of the OP's initial request and by this post I have contributed and for that I apologize.

Oh and on the shipping of far I am 15 for 15 in the past year, not that I am interested in doing a wine PIF just saying that what you say is impossible has been done. I would never recommend that someone circumvent the laws of their country or state.
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