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Default Re: Starting to like wine...the Red version

Originally Posted by TheRiddick View Post
Just curious, do you know what egg shells are used for? And if we're on the subject, it is egg whites, not egg shells, easier and "cleaner". I have seen milk used as well. What's so bad about egg whites or milk?

How many cheap Napa reds do you know? Say, compared to the zillions of "animal label" cases that come out of OZ? Have you been to any Napa cellars and seen nothing but acres of barrels? There is a reason for that OZ Cab to be priced at $15 or below and there is a reason many Napa Cabs cost $50 and up, barrels are sold in EU (currency), price per ton goes up to $15K (per ton). On the other hand, oak chips are cheap, harvesting 15 tons per acre (as opposed to 3 tons per in Napa) also makes for bland taste, main reason the big boys in OZ have some interesting "research" chem labs in place. To be fair, so does Gallo.

Better OZ Cabs cost same as Napa Cabs and the reasons are listed in the paragraph above. There are no miracles and no short cuts in wine world. BTW, many top end OZ Cabs (and reds in general) still use American oak barrels, they are about half price of European barrels.

Cab a different grape? Different taste? How? Have you done blind Cab tastings? Try a BLIND tasting of Cabs from whatever regions you feel like, let me know how much of a difference you will be able to pick up. Then do a similar BLIND tasting of, say, Pinot Noirs and red Burgs, and let me know just how easy it will be picking them apart. Same for Chardonnay and Chablis. German Reisling versus Austrian. I can go on... Cab is Cab until you reach into upper price range and this thread is obviously not there. Cab is a "pedestrian" and very hyped up grape, main reason so many are now moving to the likes of Portugal reds, Agentian Malbec, Grenache based reds, Syrah based blends, Petite Sirah and others. I stopped buying Cab years ago and am down to maybe a couple of cases.

Joel Gott makes no NAPA CAB, it is labeled CALIFORNIA CAB for a reason.

Let's talk apples and apples...

Actually I do know what they are used for a blind tasting I would be happy to...and be able to tell the diffference not only between say a napa cab and sonoma cab but a oakville vs a stags leap or howell mtn.

As for this thread it seems everytime you post all you do is try to prove your smarter then everyone else..just in case your wondering your not all I was doing was trying to give a new wine drinker some inexpensive domestic cab recomendations.
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