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Default Re: Mokapots, Moka, or Stovetop Espresso, Period.

Originally Posted by Mister Moo View Post
I agree they look good but I'm not so certain about the quality of the cup.

In my experience stainless is tricky to heat slowly and lame in the crema department - but I can't tell a difference in the taste between brew from stainless and aluminum. This conclusion comes after weeks of using both, side by side. I know it's easy to overheat coffee in a steel pot during brewing and that, for sure, can lead to less-than-ideal brew. Steel is bit finicky but not (exactly) a bad thing. I think steel just more practice to get it right. In my opinion.
I think your opinion is justified. Its the same as in anyother cookware. Stainless looks great and is easy to clean etc, but aluminium transfers heat more efficiently.

I had a customer come in and ask about stainless mokas while my cousin from italy was here. The woman insisted that one should only use a stainless pot because of the health risks associated with aluminium.
My cousin responeded in italian "yeah, but they make shitty coffee, and life is too short to drink shitty coffee"... she bought the aluminum bialetti.
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