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Default Re: General Star Wars Bizarre things

Originally Posted by Starscream View Post
I'm not advocating the changes Lucas has made since 1997 to his original films (I don't like the new changes at all), but that's proof that he's been making adjustments since the first film was released. No one seemed to care about the adjustments until he started using CGI.

Aside from the adding of the episode number, I don't think anything else was changed. "Release Versions" defined the pressing run, not necessarily a change in the movie (LDs are kind of weird in some of their nomenclature). Exempting the first release version, I think all the pre-box set releases are the same content, what changed was the jackets, P&S vs WS, NTSC/PAL and the fab that made the disc. Different fabs might have used different parameters in the transfer, so things might be lighter or darker but that's about it. It's not like DVDs where they make a gazillion all at once, the runs for LDs were typically much, much smaller numbers, that's why there were so many.

Not sure when they cleaned up the audio, that might have been in the later releases. Also not sure offhand when they went from DD to AC-3, not sure if that happened any time before the box set.

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