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Default Re: General Star Wars Bizarre things

Originally Posted by T.G View Post
Originally Posted by Starscream View Post
I agree with you almost 100%, but I assume the laserdisc has Episode IV: A New Hope in the crawl screen. It wasn't in the original release in 1977. But I'm arguing semantics here. I know what you're saying.
You just out geeked me, Andy. I'm going to have to check, let me get back to you on that.

IIRC, Star Wars was pressed to LD before Empire was released to the theaters, so I'm not sure there would be any changes, including the crawl screens.
A little research earlier today and I just learned more about Star Wars releases than I ever wanted, or cared, to know....

So it appears that my LD has the episode title, since it's the widescreen version from the mid 80's and not the original pan & scan. Other than that, it's supposedly the same as the original theatrical release.

Seems like there were also about 20 something different release versions of Star Wars on LD (I had no idea, I thought it was like 5 or 6 total between NTSC and PAL), not counting the CAV remastered trilogy box set which, for LDs, marked the first installment of any additional footage.
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