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Default Re: smoked brisket recipe?

Originally Posted by Smokin Gator View Post
Lots of ways to cook good brisket, but the key IMO is to have a constant, steady temp. The suggestion of cooking a butt or two to learn your smoker is a great one. That being said here is how I do brisket:

-First of all I would suggest a full packer brisket. It is much better than just a flat IMO
-Trim all of the fat you can making sure to get all of the hard yellow fat between the flat and point
-Rub with a good beef rub. There are lots of good ones, but it is hard to beat Montreal Steak Seasoning as a good basic.
-Get your smoker going using mesquite chunks (it just goes well with beef) and let the temp settle at 225.
-Cook at 225 until the internal temp is 175 (anywhere from 12 to 15 hrs)
-Double wrap in foil and add some moisture to the brisket (I use apple juice or beef broth)
-Cook until the internal temp is 195 or so and a temp probe goes into the flat like it is warm butter (almost no resistance). I have had the temp go as high as 205. The key is when the probe goes in with little resistance.
-Separate the point and flat.
-Wrap the flat and put it in a cooler with towels to take up the extra space.
-Put the point back on the cooker for an hour.
-Cube the point into one inch squares, add some rub, put it in a pan, add some moisture, cover with foil, and put it back in the cooker for 1/2 and hour.
-Put some BBQ sauce on the cubes, put it in the cooler with with flat.
-Let sit at least 1/2 an hour, slice flat and serve.
Can't beat any direction this man sends you for some cookin! Experienced it first hand, many times and never left something on the plate. Actually, that's a lie, the 4th or 5th plate usually has something left on it. But, I tried!
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