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Default Re: Oxo Brew burr grinder

Originally Posted by kydsid View Post
I don't buy anything mechanical anymore from OXO. They need to stick to hand tools. Fool me once, twice, three times yet out ya know?

I used a Capresso grinder for years. Highly recommend. Still have it but as backup only. Use the bona Vita now for main duty.
I'm about the same boat as Jason. I stay away from oxo after having a couple of their thermometers just crap out on me.

I also have the Capresso Infinity. We've owned it for a few years now and just made coffee on the weekends, but now I've used it M-F for over a year and so far it's holding up (knock on wood). Wish I could tell you all the good things like the consistency of the grind and what not but I'm not that observant.

A few things, people say it's noisy but i think I've gotten used to it. It is a bit messy when you take the coffee catch out, it seems to spill a bit of the coffee dust onto the table maybe because of static. It is very easy to clean though
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