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Default Re: Pumping Iron with Zemekone and Icehog3 II

Nice, Tom! Sorry you're back/kidney are still hurting but maybe you're peddled back lifts will actually help you in the long run. You know, you're lifting which is good but you're not going 100% so when your back feels better that first few workouts back will probably be killer! A month or two back I read about The Rock and his workouts in the run up to shooting Hercules and he had a really serious hip injury just 6 weeks before shooting Hercules. So he took 4 weeks off completely and was really worried about not being in good enough shape to start shooting, but he said that it ended up making him even better. He said that the layoff was the rest his body needed and when he started lifting again 2 weeks before shooting he managed to get bigger and more cut than he thought he could if he'd worked out all 6 weeks. I've read a number of stories like that so maybe your "lighter" lifts during recovery will actually be a blessing i disguise. Just trying to be positive

Hypertrophic Shoulders today ... my shoulders are soooooooo weak. lol

Shoulder Press (Hammer Strength) - warmup 1/10 @ 70 - 8/10 @ 90 with drop sets to 70 & 50lbs @ sets 4 & 6
Plate Front Raise - 8/10 @ 25 (plate angled outward, extension at top of raise)
Low Mount Cable Close Grip Raise Flatbar (to chin, elbows out) - 8/10 @ 80 superset with High Mount Cable Rope Pull (to nose, elbows out) @ 80
Bent Over Cable Raise (single arm) - 8/10 @ 20 )performed as alternating circuit)

In the name of always switching things up, i finished off with a heavy (for me) bi/tri superset ...

Cable Curl EZ Bar - 4/8 @ 140 (failure @ 6 on 4th set) superset with Cable Angled Close Grip Pulldown - 4/8 @ 170 (complete)

Gonna be some really heavy cardio tomorrow; off day on weights.

Sunday will be my last hypertrophic chest/back superset day. I'm actually kind of excited to get back to some heavy lifting.

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