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Default Re: B&M Pipe Tobacco prices??

There are three major B & M smoke shops in this town. One only does bulk and I can get two ounces of a few different S Gawith blends for five bucks, same with a few Dunhill blends, Stokkebye and lane limited blends. The Old famous century plus B & M downtown does both bulk and tinned with a large collection of tinned tobacco. Their prices on tinned tobacco are outrageously high, and yes, if you ordered on line in any sort of bulk it'd be cheaper to buy, send air mail and have delivered by limousine and a celebrity. The third place carries limited tins and bulk and their prices on the tins they carry are a bit higher than on line but about even if you take into account shipping charges and much more convenient for instant gratification. They do carry three of my favorite rattrays and quite a few S Gawith blends in both tins and bulk. The reason I don't go there exclusively is that it's also a head shop. I don't have a problem with headshops, just head shop clientele.
I really try hard to support Brick and Mortar stores as much as I can, these are dark times and it's painful to see old Brick and Mortar stores fail, close their doors forever, because we all know they won't be replaced. Two of the three stores I mentioned do a brisk internet business as well. It is cheaper to have something shipped to you out of state than walk in.
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