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Default Re: B&M Pipe Tobacco prices??

Originally Posted by Curly Cut View Post

so, when you all swing by a B&M, you see the tin prices of $14 for a 2oz SG tin, what goes through your mind?

Same thing that goes through yours for the most part! hahah! I wonder if there is a big tax difference between the ks & mo sides? Or its just mark up.. By SG tin I am guessing you are referrning to a Samual Gawith tin? I think at my B&M they are around the $12 range, I'll have to check tonight. I know for most of the 100g McC tins they are generally $17.xx

I have bought a decent selection of tin's from the B&M, but it's been mainly out of convenience. Luckily my B&M has a big and very wide selection of tins so I have been able to pick and choose a tin of this and a tin of that. I tend to pick up a tin or two every week (not always of course), and its been easier to spend $10-25 at the time without paying shipping prices for two single tins. Plus I don't feel like I have to drop $75 to earn the free shipping or other incentives. If I buy on the net I feel like I need to make it worth while and order a bunch. I know in the long run I spend more and get less, and yep that runs through my mind while im paying at the counter for sure!! I just kind of pass it up as helping to keep them in business. They have been very good to me over the last few years and I enjoy hanging out there every week and smoking!

Here about tax time though I am thinking I will round up a nice big order to place online somewhere and lay in some serious tobacco for the cellar!
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