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Default Pipe Website Resources

I'm not above plagiarism in certain cases, and since CA is my new home and I won't be returning to the old place, I brought this over for me and others to refer to. Too much work was put into this to leave it out of this place. This is not my work... it was put together from a long thread and consolidated by jgros001.

Pipe Websites
(you will find two retailers without links and google will get you there)


Affordable Pipes:
Al Pascia:
Altinok Pipes:
Bisgaard Pipes:
Briar Blues:
The Briar Gallery:
Briar Patch:
The Briary:
Cornell and Diehl:
Croft’s Pipe Shoppe:
Cup o’ Joes:
Davidoff, NYC:
Dino Puffin:
El Fumador:
FF Pipes:
Fine Briars:
Fine Pipes:
Frenchy’s Pipes:
The Gray Fox:
Greens of Leeds
Hermit Tobacco:
The Italian Pipe:
Iwan Ries:
James Island Piper:
J.J. Fox
J.R. Cigars:
Knoxville Cigar Company:
L.J. Peretti:
LePeltier Clay Pipes:
Lewis Pipe and Tobacco:
Lil’ Brown Smoke Shack:
Mars Cigars and Pipes:
Meerschaum Store:
Milan Tobacconists:
Missouri Meerschaum:
Neat Pipes:
Ostermann Pipes:
Outwest Tobacco:
Payless Pipes:
Pia Pipes:
Pipe Collectors Club of America:
The Pipe Den:
The Pipe Rack:
The Pipe Site:
Pipe Tobacco Place:
Pipeworks and Wilke:
Pipes and Cigars:
Pipes and Pleasures:
Pipes by George:
Pipes High Grade:
Pipes 2 Smoke:
Premier Pipes:
Puffers Pipes:
Pulvers’ Briars:
Rare Memories:
The Right Pipe:
Scandinavian Pipes:
The Smoker:
Smokers’ Haven:
Smoking Pipes:
SMS Pipes:
The Tobacco Barn:
Tobacco Direct:
The Tobacco Shop:
Tobacco Supermarket:
Uptown’s Smoke Shop:
Vintage Briars:
Vintage Pipe Tobacco Shop:
Watch City Cigar:
WV Smoke Shop:


Chuck’s Pipe Furniture:
Lamb Cabinets and Racks:
Mr.C’s Pipe Room:
Papa Duke Tampers:
Smokin’ Holsters:
Tamper Works:
Tobacco Pipe Furniture by Sirot:
Tony’s Pipe Racks:
Two Cousins Pipe Racks:

Pipe Makers/Artisans

Alexey Florov:
Atelier Rolando:
B.A. Weaver:
BAC Art Pipes:
Bob Kiess:
Brad Pohlmann:
Brian Ruthenberg:
Darius Dah (GRC):
David Johnson:
E. Andrew:
Elliott Nachwalter:
Georgi Todorov:
Horace Dejarnett:
Jaden Hew Len:
J. Alan:
J.M. Boswell:
Jack Howell:
Jake Hackert:
Jan Zeman:
Jody Davis:
Joel Shapiro:
Johan Slabbert:
John Crosby:
Julius Vesz:
Kent Rasmussen:
Kirk Bosi:
Kurt Huhn:
Larry Roush:
Lee Von Erck:
Love Geiger:
Manuel Shaabi:
Mark Gradberg (Gray Mountain):
Mark Tinsky:
Michael Parks:
Mike Brissett:
Paul Tatum:
Rad Davis:
Rafael Martin:
Scott Thile:
Stephen Downie:
Tim Fuller:
Tom Eltang:
Tony Fillenwarth:
Trever Talbert:
Tyler Lane:
Will Purdy:
Wolfgang Blazejewski:


American Pipe Makers:
Brothers of Briar:
Café Press Pipe Clothing:
Chris’ Pipe Pages:
Comoy’s Pipe Dating:
Danish Pipe Makers:
Dunhill Blend Chart:
The Frank (German) Packing Method:
GBD Pipe Dating:
G.L. Pease:
Gawith Hoggarth Tobacco:
Guide to Pipe Shapes:
Irish Clay Pipes:
MacBaren Tobacco:
McClelland Tobacco Co.:
My Pipes Community:
A Passion for Pipes Blog:
Peter Stokkebye:
Peterson Pipes:
PIMO Pipe Craft:
Pipe and Tobacco Collectors Blog:
Pipe Collectors Club of America:
Pipe Links:
Pipe Lore:
Pipe Makers’ Forum:
Pipe Show Information:
Pipe Show Online:
Pipe Smoking Tips:
Pipe Tobacco Aging FAQ:
Pipe Trader:
Pipes and Tobaccos Magazine:
Pipes: Logos and Markings:
The Professor’s Tobacco Reviews:
R.D. Field:
Samuel Gawith Tobacco:
Sasieni Pipe Dating:
Savinelli Pipes:
Smokers Forums:
Straight Grain Blog:
Tobacco Barn Blog:
Tobacco Cellar:
Tobacco Reviews:
Weber’s Guide:
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