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Default Re: Price differences on liquor

Originally Posted by SvilleKid View Post
Taxes is the largest difference. However, some states (Like Alabama) require that the liquor comes in first thru the ABC board, then the non-ABC retailers buy it thru the ABC board at the ABC board price. That means everything sold by non-ABC board retailer will be higher than at the state store, so the retailer can make a profit!!! This is also the reason Alabama has such a limited selection of most high-end products. The retailers can only buy what the ABC board has on it's list of purchased items. No going outside the list. Yeah, we're f'ed to the max! That's why 90% of the liquor I have was purchased out of this state. Allows me a greater selection, and in almost all cases, cheaper prices.
Yup. Taxes are a b.i.t.c.h and puritanical laws that relate back to Prohibition are just ways for government to take more out of our pockets & force a moralty that law makers themelves do not abide by.
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